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Colour up your World

I went to a fashion workshop about 7 years ago, and the presenter was talking about how the colors we wear often reflect where we are at emotionally. And yep, looked down at what I was wearing, black boots, black stockings, black dress, black hair and sick as a dog....

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I aspire to be…

So, what do you want to be when you grow up?  This is me! I'll be working on this till my last day here on earth!  It's what I KNOW aligns me with my best life, it's the path of least resistance.  It sounds a little conflicting but it's not really.  It's just that...

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People matter!

If we are too busy for people, we are too busy. Recently I got to give back to an amazing woman who literally saved my life when I was really sick in 2010. If I hadn't of gone to hospital that day, at 51kgs, unable to breathe, my outcome would have been a lot worse!...

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Pre-launch is now open.  The Book is #officially released on the 23rd May, 2019

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About Nic Henry Jones

Nic Henry Jones is a passionate and purpose driven visionary with a unique ability to engage, empower and inspire people to be their best whatever the context. Nic has embraced intention to create a masterpiece out of her life, and inspires others to do the same in order to live their best life and create a powerful legacy for the next generation. This book is a real, raw and authentic presentation of just how pain can be turned into gain, how the decision making process throughout your life can position you to unlock the greatness within, how hard times can become diamonds in your crown, and how it’s possible to create your thrive, and be living your best regardless of your journey to this point. A life of intention, is a fulfilled colorful one, a true masterpiece in the making.

‘What an incredible afternoon listening to the remarkable Nic Henry Jones share her wealth of skills and knowledge.  Thank you for your infectious energy, your drive and willingness to go above and beyond to help others achieve their goals and give back.  You are truly an inspiration’. Rabecka



We'd love you to share a photo of the cool places you get intentional about sitting as you engage with this book, the ways you are colouring up your world, your cheeseplatters and other masterpieces, and the ways you are getting intentional about building into your best life using our #officialhashtag