Your Best Life – A re-alignment

I truly believe that our best life, our best ‘Masterpiece’ starts with a journey of re-alignment to the life we were put here to live. It’s about working out how we can live the most authentic version of ourselves. The definition of authentic (adjective  au·​then·​tic | \ ə-ˈthen-tik, ȯ-\), is ‘conforming to an original so as to reproduce essential features’. (Merriam Webster Definition). You are an original and like any good model, there are ‘essential features’ that make you unique! 

To unlock the fullness of anything in our lives, we need to pursue, seek, learn, grow and take action. Have you noticed that ten years ago you didn’t know what you know now? That there is always more to learn, that the more you seek, the more you find? Have you noticed that when you go somewhere new, or learn something new, just how much more of the world that opens up for you? It’s the same with every aspect of your life.  

Unfortunately humanity, by default, are not always seekers and finders. We get stuck, we think that what is in front of us, is all there is. We don’t realise early enough that there is more, that things can be different and that you really can carve out a new path, and get intentional about your world at ANY POINT in your existence. We so easily live by default. We have to really get intentional about asking God to show us who we were created to be, before the chaos of life, to align, carve out and bring out the very best within us.  The creation of a masterpiece out of our worlds, begins with the initial identification of the areas that we are living by default, then re-aligning to our best life with what has already been put within you. We can then actively make the most out of our lives by pursuing ‘the more’. 

We get to colour it up with all the things we love. We are drawn to certain things because it aligns with something on the inside of us. We get to use our free will and choice to get creative with our worlds. Colouring up our worlds and creating a life by design, is really about us taking intentional steps to bring our worlds back in line with the initial unique design that was planned for us.

I realised that my first re-alignment, was my most important: Re-alignment with the God that powers my existence, the one that continues to breathe life into my lungs. Once I did that, I realised that everything lying dormant within me, came alive. It was much easier to get clear on who I was and why I was here. Then I started implementing little changes, little tweaks, little re-alignments, which snowballed into big re-alignments. All of a sudden, I was LIVING; I was THRIVING, and not just surviving.  

That’s where true life is lived, the ‘exceedingly above and beyond’ is experienced, and we are at our most peaceful, joyful, and fulfilled. It’s why some things feel so ‘right’, so ‘aligned’, so ‘home’ and so ‘peaceful’. That’s where peace that ‘passes all understanding’, and ‘unspeakable joy’ flow from. Regardless, of what is going on around us, or what has already transpired.

Getting clear on who you are

We have to do the hard yards, and get clear on who we are. Without that understanding, things will continue to feel mis-aligned. It’s like asking a child what they want, without them even knowing what they want! It is about unlocking your potential, finding out what lights you up, identifying what you want out of life. It’s all within you waiting to be unlocked. If you seek, you will always find. If you knock, the door will open. When you know who you are, you get clear on what you need, what you want, what you will and will not accept, it’s the pathway to freedom and living a masterpiece of a life. You know what and who, does and doesn’t align. 

We’ve been given everything we need to live, thrive, and be whole human beings.  It is up to us to use what we have been given and pursue the complete unlocking of it.   

The more intentional we get about aligning with the right things, the right way, the quicker our masterpiece is coloured up. We can get creative in the process by adding in new colours such as treasuring and appreciating the things and people that help us find our thrive, being present with today and taking in some of life’s beauty, enjoying some time out and doing the things that light us up on the inside, things that speak to us personally. It’s your masterpiece, no-one else’s.

Much love.
Nic Jones

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