Pattern VS Fruit

I love chatting to younger people (including my kids) about some of the concepts i’ve previously written about and are continuing to unpack in my next Book, because it forces me to break them down even further to a place of simplicity.

It’s in the simplicity where the #gold can actually be found.

In a life, where free-will is given, there is a combination of pattern and fruit. But one of them will be prominent at times. ‘Pattern’ and ‘fruit’ represent different aspects or outcomes of a persons actions, behaviors, or circumstances.

Pattern: A pattern refers to the recurrent, noticeable behavior or situation that tends to repeat itself over time. It could be a recurring theme in one’s life, such as consistently facing similar challenges, making the same mistakes, or experiencing familiar cycles of success and failure. Patterns can be positive or negative, and they often reflect underlying beliefs, habits, or external influences. Patterns take a lot of effort and a lot of time to unravel them and retrain a brain to act and think differently.

Fruit: Fruit, on the other hand, represents the tangible results or outcomes of one’s intentional actions, decisions, and circumstances over time. It signifies the consequences or rewards that emerge from the patterns one follows or the choices they make. Fruit can include achievements, relationships, personal growth, happiness, health, fulfillment, contentment, or any other measurable or experiential outcomes that result from one’s patterns of behavior. With continued intentional choices, fruit continues to grow, and then reproduce in season.

In essence, patterns are the underlying behaviors or situations that shape a person’s life, while fruit represents the visible outcomes or consequences of those patterns. Understanding the relationship between patterns and fruit can help us recognize and potentially alter the course of our lives, or the way we unlock what is within, aligning to our true identity, by addressing underlying behaviors or circumstances that may be influencing  outcomes and positioning.

It’s in the little decisions and choices that point you in the right (or wrong) direction, which start compounding, then snowballing. 

Doesn’t matter if you are 14, or 45. It’s where aligning Desires, Beliefs, Intentions & Actions, moment by moment, choice by choice, decision by decision, culminates in a masterpiece of a life you are proud of. Small decisions (which are little alignments & positioning moments) start compounding, then snowballing, culminating in a life. One full of pattern, or one full of fruit!

What underpins our choices, decisions and actions, should be our Identity. Unless we are clear of who we are, where are going, why we are here (what our purpose is), and who created us and powers our worlds, the push, pull and confusing, and mis-alignment will be automatic.  It’s the importance of intention.

Not sure about you, but i’d prefer to be unlocking the higher things in life and watching fruit come to fruition than the other. There is no greater peace than internal groundedness over internal turmoil, conflict, and compromise.

It’s what it takes to create a Masterpiece out of a life.

Much love.
Nic Jones

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