12 months ago I was recovering from a short season of being unwell (about 6 months). It was short because I honored it, slowed down, and as a single parent at the time, allowed my tribe + family step up for me in ways I can never truly thank them for. The months of continuous flowers, meals, coffee, daily texts + calls, friends driving me to hospital appointments and my mum and dad being here for me weeks at a time, is a picture in my mind I will never forget. It preceded a season of celebration of turning 40. Something I didn’t care in previous seasons if I made or not.

I had the privilege of attending a wedding this weekend, literally just over the back of where I live (literally!), and looking at the photos, I can say i’ve never looked and felt healthier (some of these photos clearly a few years old) and as I look at my very imperfect but #neveradullmoment#livingmybest #intentional world. My thoughts tonight are…

Get SO protective and intentional about your health, wellbeing + your thrive! Wow, I am blown away by the difference.

❤️ Our THRIVE is OUR responsibility. DAILY! People will come and go in our worlds, don’t give them that power over your present or future. I can’t change your past, but I can walk beside you and champion you into your best. That happens to be one of my favorite things in life, championing others and unlocking their best. ONE STEP, ONE DECISION AT A TIME.

❤️ Just because your life looks what it is today, doesn’t mean anything! My life is completely different, it blows my mind, and i’m only half way through. I’m still #intentionally working HARD to create, to thrive, to achieve balance, to get the mix right.

❤️ So grateful for the people in my world. I truly am surrounded by the absolute best! Seriously! I always have been at EVERY step of my journey, maybe I can be that for you. I wrote you a book afterall.

Balance is: ensuring you pay attention and bring into order, every aspect of your world: spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. You can’t do three well without the fourth. Its not your best! #justsaying.

❤️ We are never put here on earth to fend for ourselves, people in our world’s matter. We get to step up for each other at different times, that’s the way its meant to be. Don’t try to be a hero and navigate life on your own.

❤️ Living an intensely amazing life, also means the hard stuff behind the scenes is many times intensely hard! We don’t give up tho, it comes with the territory. It’s like running through an obstacle course not walking but CHOOSING not to give up, to push through regardless of how much it hurts, stuff comes at us quicker, hits harder, bruises easier. Keep walking, running whatever! JUST DON’T GET STUCK!

❤️ I am nothing without the God I believe in. You don’t have to believe the same, but I have too many stories and things happen to not believe!

❤️ Trial + error in life. Make it the norm, who cares! You’ll always be a step ahead of a society that unintentionally chooses DEFAULT LIVING.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE 12 MONTHS CAN MAKE! Don’t under-estimate it!!

❤️ Ditch PERFECT + NORMAL. They don’t exist. It’s what you choose to allow and create that matters.

❤️ Celebrate more. That is all.

You can totally age backwards…i’m looking forward to that continuing. ❤️

Here’s to our ABSOLUTE BEST!  The future is bright, if we actively deal with the past and allow it to be brighter, no matter how long it takes. What you do TODAY to move yourself forward MATTERS. The best is ALWAYS yet to come. I’m living proof.

I cannot wait to literally #runamuck in all the right ways, create memories, have fun with the kids and the adults, and go define what it means to live my best.

Let’s do this!

Much love.
Nic Jones

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