If we are too busy for people, we are too busy.

Recently I got to give back to an amazing woman who literally saved my life when I was really sick in 2010. If I hadn’t of gone to hospital that day, at 51kgs, unable to breathe, my outcome would have been a lot worse! She was literally an angel sent to care and support me. You know those times when you really don’t even have the energy to move, let alone cook, clean and deal with kids and life? When you feel so sick, that you’d rather just die than get better? It was hard.

This mother of 6 kids who i’d met not long before, cooked 8 weeks of meals for us, and helped with my kids and house. The twins were only 11 months old at the time and both sets of parents were interstate, so you can imagine how challenging the situation was. It took me 12 months to recover enough to get on with life. She was there every step of the way, a true God send!

So, Mel along with her dad and brother wanted to do a bit of a special trip to honor their late mum and wife by visiting all the places in Hahndorf she loved. They had flown in for a wedding and wanted some photos. I was honored to be asked to join them and take some family photos. I got to give back and honor someone who gave out of the depth of who she was, into my world, in ways that were quite frankly, divine provision.

This is what doing life with people looks like. Having each other’s backs, being able to step in and use your gifts when needed, giving out of the depth of who you are when you are presented an opportunity to, being able to give back and support each other through the good and the bad, and being able to celebrate the journey of life along the way, oh and have some fun! So many laughs, so much fun, so much joy, so many photos ha!.

Our masterpiece of a life, is not complete without people. We just need to get intentional about realising that there is always purpose, and that people matter. People are one of the ways we get to colour up our worlds. We were never meant to do life on our own. There’s a reason why we are planted in places, surrounded by certain people, for certain seasons. We don’t ever get where we are without the input, encouragement and support of others. It’s important that we honor them, here and now, not when they are gone. Have no regrets!

> When someone has an impact on your life, tell them.
> When you see something amazing in someone, call it.
> If you struggle to tell your closest that you love them, work on it, make it happen! Genuinely intentionally say it and show it until it’s normal in your home, in your families, and relationships. Those in my world cop it all the time ?. I’d prefer they know that they matter to me, before it’s too late.
> When you get the chance to give back, make sure you do.
> Pay it forward when you get the opportunity to.

Society says we wait until someone dies before we truly honour them, because we are forced to. I say we get intentional about creating a culture of honour here and now. We can honour people not only with our words, but also with our time and resource.

People matter. Much of life’s beauty, is experienced through people. Who can you honour this week?

Oh and if you need to get your inner angel on, visit Hahndorf!