I’ve been having some intentional fun with #teamjones lately on creating new norms. It’s been about working out what I want my family to look like in 5 or 10 years, how I can set these little humans up for their best life, identify and build into the relationship I want to have with them later, and be intentionally building into that now.

Recently at dinner, the fun factor and chatter was at 600%, and so I took the opportunity to ask the kids my normal review questions that I ask myself regularly, but very organically and in a #fun way. I bring them up every now and again, because I want us to be able to talk, change things that aren’t working by working together over blaming and fighting, and have an intentional chance to chat about what we want to do more of!  Any great relationship requires, time, effort, and intention. It starts now.

This is how the conversation went…

1) So kiddies, what do you reckon our team Jones word for 2019 could be? How do we want to describe our family? Boys (in under 2 seconds): Fortnight. Brooke: Boys need another word ? (in under 5 seconds)… Ok our world might be a like an xbox game every now and again haha.

After many laughs, and almost spilt drinks… #motheroftheyear

2) What’s one thing that’s not working in our family that we can change up or find a different way to do?

Brooke: the boys (in under 3 seconds). Boys: you and Brooke don’t clean our room enough. ?? #insertlaughs

3) Whats one thing we should do more of? Boys: Fortnight Brooke: #justinsertfacepalm

There were lots of laughs, jokes and banter, because I have two comedians in the house. They really do bring so much joy and life to our home! #perspective

Brooke turned around and said ‘well this conversation will never leave the family’!. I was like, PERFECT!!!! I don’t want it to!


Create new norms…

It’s a conversation starter, it’s food for thought, a memory, it’s something I can pick up individually with them at any point, especially when things get hard for whatever reason, or when we are road-tripping and having random chats.

It’s these little seeds we can invest in our kids, the things that become ‘normal’ throughout the course of their life which sets the tone of our future as a family, and positions them to be living their best life. It starts for them, here and now. I wasn’t expecting intelligent heartfelt answers, all I wanted to do was build into family culture by creating new norms. Of fun, communication, allowing our world to evolve, living our best life, team work and thinking and living outside the box.

I have so many examples of how creating new norms in my world, has positioned me differently. The same can be applied to any area, work, business, relationships, personal development, habits.

Ditch Normal

Life happens and there will always be challenges, but I still believe there is so much we actually have control over. Sometimes we have to #ditch #normal, and create new norms!  It’s the best way to create the future. It’s creating a legacy for our kids, and generations to come.