I went to a fashion workshop about 7 years ago, and the presenter was talking about how the colors we wear often reflect where we are at emotionally. And yep, looked down at what I was wearing, black boots, black stockings, black dress, black hair and sick as a dog. #wakeupcall!  I do love black, but I wear a lot more color these days!

The shift from ‘Mess to Masterpiece’ was the process of choosing life in thought, intention and action, embracing a long series of little changes, finding my thrive, and getting #intentional about coloring up my world.

So, how do we color up our worlds?

> Adding in the little things you once used to love
> Throwing in some me time and self-care (you are totally worth it!)
> Getting intentional about our gratitude
> Doing something random that shifts you out of the daily grind
> Engaging with others! So important.
> Taking random adventures
> Listening to your favourite music
> Choosing to see some beauty in every day
> Doing the COMPLETE opposite, to what you do the rest of the week
> Buy yourself some flowers!
> Have a dance off with the kids or indulge in some wine bottle karaoke with friends!
> Being a little bit cheeky and eating chocolate for breakfast! Seriously its ok once a month or so wink wink. Let it make you smile all day!
> Prioritise rest. Know what rest looks like for you in this season. Take that nana nap or half day off #causeyoucan
> Call it a day, and go to bed early! Stuff can wait.

It’s about remembering that you function out of where you are at as a person, that you matter, and that you need to value and take care of you! And life is way too short to not be LIVED!


It’s crucial…

I am fairly prone to getting overwhelmed. So many deadlines & events, a heavy load to carry with kids & school stuff, business and life in general! It’s important to ensure we remain at our best, stay grounded, and find ways to colour up our worlds amongst the chaos, so we continue to thrive, and not just survive.

You know I wasn’t keen on that red/orange feature wall in the kitchen when I moved here. BUT it’s a great daily reminder to ‘colour up my world’! It’s the most #random things in life that can become the greatest reminders! It’s since grown on me.

Add some colour to your world this week!