I spent my teenage years as a youth leader, investing in other teenagers and helping run Teen Challenge programs. At the time we were asked to read ‘Who moved my cheese’. Remember that book? I haven’t read it since, we’re talking 22+ years on!  But, I had a ‘change’ conversation with someone last week and we talked about that book and how back then it was such a BIG thing to embrace change. The ‘this is the way we’ve always done it’ was rife!  Unfortunately, we sub-consciously still get stuck there from time to time. These days, we live in a society that is constantly changing, and those that don’t embrace it, are being left behind.

Change is Creativity

I love change! It helps me keep it real, keep it fun, keep it aligned, mix it up, try different ways to do things (and many times find smarter ways to do things!), tweak stuff as I go over waiting years before major life change is needed, allows me to get creative, facilitates freedom over being stuck, and allows me to create a shift when I see one needed. It also keeps me flexible in approach.

When creating a masterpiece of a life, it can be really challenging initially to embrace change. When we don’t feel powerful on the inside, know who we are, or where we are heading, it can have negative connotations. Especially if someone else is telling you you have to change, or there appears to be confusion on where to start.

Change can either be something negative that paralyses you to make no change, can hold you back, be perceived as weakness, dis-empowerment, or that there is something wrong with you. OR you can take charge, own it, embrace it, and use it as fuel to help you build a life that you don’t have to run away from, your best life.

Change to me, is a form of creativity. We have a choice to embrace and use change as power, in creating a masterpiece out of our world. Mix it up I say!


Review Regularly…


One of my quarterly review questions is ‘What isn’t working, and how can I do it differently?’. I’ve been noticing that it is my ‘go to’ question much more regularly in recent months as I juggle everything. I’m not even talking major things, but little things with kids, preparation for school and work, the use of my time, more rest less hustle, the cards I refuse to play, household management, commitments, less of what drains me, more of what lights me up.

Some of my biggest ahha moments, wins, positioning, opportunities and life-changing moments, have been when i’ve actively pursued and embraced change. You don’t realise what is achievable until you try different ways to do things, and you don’t always realise your own potential until you challenge yourself.

Change, is so.much.fun. Make it a way of life, and watch your existence go to brand new levels.

View change as a form of creativity, and make it work for you!