This month I celebrate 9 years in Business! Oh what a ride it’s been. With my personal ‘why‘ being ‘Freedom‘, I have loved creating a business that works for me, not me for it (as much as possible!), and one that I have intentionally aligned with all my passions. One that allows me to work from anywhere in the world, around my kids and other things that matter to me, and one that really does light me up!

Positioning at it’s finest

I started my Marketing Company in April 2010, when my twin boys were just 9 months old (I tell people I was bored ha!). I was really sick, really spent, and had no idea that there was so much hope and life yet to be lived and unlocked.  I’ve since reflected on the fact that if we base our decisions on what’s going on around us and how we feel at any given point in our lives, we can miss out on some of the best GOLD and positioning we could ever achieve.  Starting a business and working for myself and giving myself the platform to #create, was a #positioning move in itself.

Some of the biggest diamonds in our crowns are birthed in tough seasons. Don’t under-estimate them!  #painintogain

When I felt emotional pain…

I remember making a decision very early on in my business journey, that when when I felt emotional pain (it was in full force at that point), or when I felt powerless, that I would go and do something that would build into and improve my future. As I moved through a series of challenging situations over a 6 year period, I would go and work on something that would better my future.  I can remember days when I was typing through tears.  It was really tough.

It wasn’t about denying what I was feeling and the impact the tough seasons were having on my world, cause it was pretty real, pretty raw, pretty heart breaking, and pretty hard.  My physical health was suffering, I was 51 kgs and oh so sick!  As I look back, it was more about finding something that would remind me that even though I didn’t exactly know the next steps, or couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, that I could still be creating and putting things into place for better seasons. 

I’ve always been a resourceful person, from a very young age (like 10 onwards!), and it just happened that I was also now in #business #unqualified and all!  I would write resources, e-courses, books and other business related tools. I’ve used some of them since, but some of them are still sitting there. I would write about my journey and how I was overcoming the hard stuff as it was unfolding. It would be no surprise that some of my book, was written in these tough times. 9 years on, i’m still going through the same motions, but for VERY different reasons.

Getting intentional about creating a shift

I had no idea back then that my life would look like it does right now.  I’m so mind-blown.  I wanted to uplevel my world from the inside out and the choices I made to be forward looking in the midst of challenges, positioned me VERY differently.  It was the beginnings of intention in my world.  Regardless of where I was, I could do little things to create a shift, even though I didn’t realise that was what I was doing at the time!

It’s about getting intentional about moving ourselves forward, about choosing and speaking life even when there feels like there isn’t any, and prioritising us by coloring up our world’s to help strengthen and position us to be living better, free-er, more fulfilling lives.  Many times it’s the little things that make the biggest difference over time.

I’ve had some really, really, really hard, soul destroying times that had me feeling so broken and lost but I knew there was always something I could do to keep myself future focused. I learnt pretty quickly that I had more control over my world than I felt like I did, and in hindsight, that I just had to be faithful with seeing out what was in front of me and re-positioning myself in thought, action and focus to move in a different direction.  It really has snowballed over the years in the best possible way.

Foundation of Positioning

It became the foundation of my positioning for better things.  When things are slow in business (which isn’t that often), I would do something that would better my business.  When the relationship with myself felt strained because I was too busy looking after everyone else, I needed to do something for me to position me differently and change the way things were working. If I wanted something different in any area of my world, I had to do something different.

Whether you need to create significant change in your world or you are ready to uplevel your world and tap into the exceedingly above and beyond, and create a masterpiece out of your life, get intentional about doing little things to change the course of history in an area of your world and you will find that your positioning significantly impacts your results. It’s the Masterpiece Way!

There’s no light at the end of the tunnel, that’s so last generation!! #haha There’s a world full of colour, vibrancy, thrive, fulfillment, alignment, joy and ease waiting!  It’s you turning up at your best every day, it’s you knowing that you can challenge what is to create something new, it’s realising that regardless of how it looks there is so much more to be unlocked, and understanding that you CAN be building into your tomorrows and creating your future. 

‘We’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, not everything to lose and nothing to gain!’ Lorraine

So what can you do this week to change your tomorrows?

Much love