I shared earlier in the year how i’ve been through a season of being unwell. I’m pretty much back to full capacity, and feeling vibrant and healthy, but with a lung condition, I always have to be a little more careful than normal. From early April onwards, I had a 6 week break from tests (perfect timing as I celebrated my 40th, finished a book, went to Fiji with my Daughter as part of our Grade 8 cohort for a missions trip, amongst other things). My last few tests started with a Cardiac MRI. I find them a little scary, but they are necessary for me to be able to sign off this health focused season properly.

I could have quite easily diagnosed myself as better (even though i’m not 100%) but not completed my due diligence in ensuring every box is ticked (i’m nearly there now!), most likely landing myself back in hospital in the very near future or significantly harming my lungs and heart further if something remained un-dealt with.


Making the most of the challenge 


I recently found out that I have an extra heartbeat which turned the normal 30 minute test into over an hour. #inNHJstyle I spent my 1 hour intentionally not dreading, getting anxious, overwhelmed, fearful or emotional, rather reflecting on the incredible favour and blessing I have experienced this year to date.  Don’t get me wrong, I had moments when I was naturally overwhelmed and feeling like I wanted to break.  But, it was a choice to focus on the good not the challenging, and to find things to be grateful for, and there were so many. To reflect on and identify the silver linings and gold threads. It’s been an intense year, but I’ve never felt so blessed and grateful in my entire life.

The more we choose to see the good in a situation, the more we find! When we focus on the negative we miss the beauty that can ONLY unfold when we are in a tough season.

While I was doing what I was told through my headphones (multitasking!) I reflected on the tribe of people that have cooked us meals, the rolling flowers in my home since February, my parents supporting me a few weeks at a time, friends driving me to doctors appointments, and the people that have and continue texting me every day to see how I am, and the ability to keep everything moving. I’ve been LITERALLY CARRIED through this VERY SHORT season. #reflectionispowerful

It’s a short season because i’m honoring it not denying it.

Don’t fight the process, honor it. 


Fighting the process, no matter how random it can be, is stressful. Honoring the process, is powerful. There will always be some sort of challenge in front of us. We can’t change what happens in life, we can be faithful at every step.  The way we are faithful with our next few steps or the way we deny (intentionally or unintentionally) a situation, determines the length of the situation, whether it’s a short one or a lifetime, and whether it can power you forward into better, more aligned and authentic seasons, and ultimately, your best life.  I can’t be living my best life, if i’m not at my best physically.  Everything suffers.  A short few months of taking life a little slower (that’s a big thing for me!), resting a little more than usual, and backing out of any extra responsibilities that I can for a short season, was part of me being faithful with what was in front of me.  It means I can hit the ground running again when the time is right, and give 100%.

On this particular day, I intentionally walked in there with complete #ease (my word for the year), and walked out blown away by the little blessings that had unfolded within the space of 2 hours. I was greeted in the car park with someone random who led me straight into a car park, personally delivered to where I was meant to be by a lovely random (or not so) male doctor who saw I was a little lost, the most beautiful nurse with me the whole time #anothertwinmum #alwaysagreatconversation and some very on-trend scrubs to rock the test with.

It’s so tempting to hurry things along or skip important steps, but we do ourselves no favors and we miss out some of the most important steps. The way we sign off this season, becomes the way we begin the next. Honor and respect yourself enough to be faithful with what’s in front of you. You matter, and the season you are in matters.


Faithful, diligent, present.


Be faithful, be diligent, be present, and be grateful! Just get it done regardless of what it takes. Six months, or a year is better than a lifetime. You will get good at moving through things much quicker than most, address things, grow and move one stronger and more aligned, and be coloring up that masterpiece of a life in the meantime!

 We’re alive!

The most amazing thing that comes out of a season of being unwell, is the realisation that we’re ALIVE!

We all need that wake-up call from time to time! Count it a blessing.
Turn up, frock up, scrub up, and get it done!

#Intention and #positioning at it’s absolute finest.
This is our best!

PS. How unstoppable do you feel after you #nailed something challenging? #letsdothis

PPS. And my heart will sing, how great is our GOD!