I recently had the privilege of training some of our very own Adelaide Hills event organisers and operators. We didn’t get a chance to promote it, we booked it out on internal email, that’s ease for you!

I had been on event rest since mid-December, and this was my first workshop for 2019.

I’d realised just how much i’d missed investing in people in this way, felt like it had been ages! Training, investing and empowering people is one of my favorite things to do. Talking with people afterwards and championing them along and seeing them get excited about the opportunities before them lights me up. It’s a big part of my purpose that I get to live out through my ‘career’ and in so many other ways.

It was the end of a really intensely amazing + challenging week, but I went to bed so grateful, so fulfilled, and with the biggest smile on my face! Shaking my head for all the right reasons, and just blown way that I get to live this life.

It made me think of what other things we love doing that we haven’t made time for in the last few months or just haven’t been able to include for whatever reason? Or maybe life has just gotten hectic, and we’ve gotten too work focused and life has just been running on default? Doing the stuff that lights you up is a really important part of finding and keeping your thrive.¬†Sometimes it’s not until we do that ‘thing’ that we realise just how much we’ve missed it! So…..

> What haven’t you done for a little while that really lights you up?
> What did you used to love doing before marriage and kids?
> What are the things that have you smiling for days?
> What are the things that fill your soul and lift your spirits?
> What do you need to create some space for this week?
> What do you need to intentionally flip and do the complete opposite of?

Doing more of what we love, is just one of the ways we can #colourup our worlds. It’s important that it’s not always about other people. We absolutely need to prioritise us and indulge in some self care and time for us aswell. We can’t pour out of an empty cup. Sometimes it’s just about getting opportunistic when you have an hour, other times we need to block out time in our diaries.

I will be sticking to my plan of doing significantly less events this year, and embracing #ease. There’s never a better time to get intentional about ensuring our year is infused with all the things that light us up as much as possible. That’s part of us living our best life!

What lights you up?